Each day I get on the bus for the long ride to Rome from our little village. Everyday there is this beautiful woman, dark hair, always dressed in something sexy that shows off her lovely body. And each night, we again ride the bus back. With winter, the sun sets early and the ride back to our separate villages makes most of the people catch long naps till we reach home. I started saying hello to her, but not setting close. But each day I would find a seat closer to hers. She always sits in the back of the bus and everyone seems to allow her special place. At night I am much slower working my way towards her. But I make sure that each night as we wait for the bus, that I say something to her. After what seems a long time, we began to talk to each other and finally, one day she asks me to sit next to her. The time to Rome seems to fly. I can't keep my eyes off her long sexy milfs legs, the short skirts she wears shows me lots of her beautiful skin. I want to run my hands up her legs, to her mound. I want to touch her pussy, rub it till she is dripping wet and then finger her. But of course I keep my thoughts to myself. Finally, one day the weather is bad. It is raining and there are delays getting to the city. I find her body touching mine, her skirt pulled up farther than ever, giving me a view of the top of her stocking held by a black garter and soon, I even see the edge of her panties. Black also, with fancy lace. I move my eyes to her's and she smiles and then I move my eyes to her blouse. There are more buttons open then closed and I can see her round lovely tits outlined in a black bra. I move my eyes back to hers and smile and then I feel her hand on my leg. The sight of this woman has made me hard and her hand can't help but find the thick meat. She starts to remove her hand but I put my on top of her's and press it down tight on my cock. She open's her mouth, to protest, but I lean forward and press my lips to her's and force her back into the seat. I move her hand up and down my stiff hard on, while pushing my tongue into her mouth. When I break the kiss, she looks at me with wide open eyes. I release her hand and bring my hand to my lips and "Shhhhhh. Jackie. I want you. I have wanted to touch you and kiss you from the very first day. Tonight. I don't want you to wear any panties when you get on the bus. I want to finger your pussy, even to taste it. I will make you cum." Jackie starts to say something, but then is quiet. She just nod's her head. "Good. I will finger you tonight on the way home, getting your pussy nice and wet. I want to taste you. And if there are not too many people, I will want you to suck my cock. You will be mine on this bus from now on. Do you understand? teen porn better for me" "Yesss. Yes. I will be yours. I won't wear any panties tonight. My pussy is dripping now. I've wanted you to take me, to force me, to have me. Now I am yours bbw." I lean forward and kiss her, one hand finding a soft firm breast to squeeze. 'ROME. NEXT STOP." I break the kiss and we straighten up ourselves. It will be a while before my cock doesn't show. I lean over and whisper to Jackie. "My cock is hard and I need to cum. Let's find a dark corner and you can suck me off." We exit the bus, Jackie in front of me, hiding the hard cock that she will soon be sucking. I pull her out into the street, it is raining and I hold an umbrella over her head. I spot an alley, with the edge of the roof that will protect us from the rain. I pull her into it and pushing her up against a larger dumpster bring both my hands to her tits. I squeeze them, rubbing them, pitching the nipples. I hear her moan and tell her, "Unzip my pants slut and suck me off. Make it quick. We both have to get to work." I reach behind her and pull out some card board from the dumpster and throw it on the ground and then push her down to her knees. She pulls my cock out and lets her tongue touch the slit. I wish we had time. I would enjoy having her lavish kisses all over my cock and my balls, sucking and kissing me till I can't stand it anymore, but this has to be quick. "Suck me cunt. Suck my cock and swallow my cum." She pulls more and more of my stiff rod into her mouth; I can feel her tongue, the back of her throat, as she sucks me. I began to move my hips, grabbing her head and fuck her face. I need to get off. I need to shoot this first load fast and hard. Later, tonight I will repay her for this quick suck, but now all I can do is fuck her face as if it was her pussy. I push more and more of my cock down her throat. I can tell this isn't the first time she has given blow jobs, and she is very good. My balls slap against her chin as I drive my prick down her throat. "Ohhh, yessss, uh, uh, yes, oh, Jackie, suck it. Ohhhh, damn slut, fuck my cock with those lips...Ahhhhhhh." It isn't long. I've been waiting for this for a long time. I feel my cum building and I push the head of my stiff rod deep into her mouth and cry out as wave after wave of salty wet cum splashes the inside of her mouth. She swallows, but I have been wanting this for so long that my cum seems to never stop. I can see a little leaking out the corner of her mouth. I finally send the last of my juices into her stomach and slowly pull out with a wet sloppy sound as her lips travel the length of my cock. She holds my balls in one hand and uses her tongue to lick up the mess around her lips and chin and to lick me clean. The she helps put my cock back into my pants, and I help her up. Without a word we leave the alley and go our own way. Part 2 The Ride Home The weather has gotten worst, heavy rain and lighting. I wait at the bus depot, looking for Jackie. Every time I have thought of the blow job she gave me this morning, I get hard. Lucky there is a hot slut at work that I was able to corner in the stock room and fuck. I just wish I hadn't ripped her panties like I did, but hell she was as horny as I was. As I stand waiting for the arrival of the bus, thinking maybe Jackie will have been scared off or not able to make it on time, I get angry. Whispering to myself, "I wish I had that slut bent over one of the seats of the bus, I'd be fucking her hot ass right now." I nearly jump out of my skin as a hand touches my shoulder. I turn and there she is, looking down. I reach my handjob out to hers and touch them. Feeling something soft in her hands I look down and pull her hands up so to see what I am touching. A pair of black lace panties meet my gaze. Smiling I take them from her. "Ummm, you did as you were told. Is your pussy as wet as the night?" "Yes." "I can't hear you." "Yes, my pussy is wet. I have been thinking what you have planned for me. I fingered myself three times today. Smell my panties and see how much I have wanted you to take me." I bring her panties to my face and inhale the rough sex soaked in them. "Ummm, you are a good slut. Here comes the bus. We will set in back and the first thing you will do is unbutton your blouse." The bus is almost empty, the night dark, the only other people set spaced out, mostly in the middle and front. Each person in their own world and my world will soon be filled with pussy. As soon as we set in the back seat that runs the width of the bus, we make sure we are behind the double seats in front of us. Jackie doesn't move as soon as I would like and I reach up and cup her tits. Squeezing till her eyes get big, even in the dim light, and a small cry comes from her lips. "I told you bitch, to unbutton your blouse as soon as we got on the bus." Releasing her tits, she quickly unbuttons her blouse and looking forward to see if anyone will notice, I grab her pretty hair and pull her face back so she is looking into mine. "Never mind the others. Just do as you are told cunt. Lay your blouse over the seat in front of us and now take off your bra." With fear in her eyes, she reaches behind her and unhooks the clasp. Her round, firm tits with lovely pink nipples come to view. Licking my lips, I lean forward and lifting one of her tits, open my mouth and engulf as much of her flesh as I can. With my other hand I take hers and place it in my lap. Jackie's fingers tighten around my bulge. Sucking like a baby, I enjoy the first taste of her breasts. I then bring my lips to her nipple. Sucking gently at first, then I put my teeth on it and bite. "Ahhhhh!!" She cries out, but quickly puts a hand over her mouth. My head is below the level of the seat and the one person who hears can't see what caused the cry. The nipple slips from my teeth and leaning up, "Touch your tits, play with them for me." Then sliding my hand under her skirt forcing her legs apart, I find the moist wet cunt I have been dreaming of all day. Pushing my middle finger into Jackie's cunt, hearing her inhale deeply, I bring my lips to hers. Tongues play with each other, my finger sliding in and out of her wet cunt, her hand squeezing my stiff hard rod. Quickly I bring my hands to her shoulders and grabbing her roughly, turn and force her off the seat onto the dirty floor. "Take my prick out you cock sucker and give me a blow job. I want to cum on your face." Shaking hands unzip my pants, and with some effort, pull my thick cock free. Now moist wet lips engulf the head, a tongue's tip plays with the slit. Now one hand grabs my cock shaft and moves up and down and slowly more and more of my cock slides into Jackie's mouth. "Ohhh, slut suck me. Yes,...ohhhhhh, yes. Oh cunt, you are good. Suck it whore." Grabbing her hair, my hands grabbing it, I pull her face up and down my shaft. Fucking her face like it was a pussy, feeling the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat. Soft wet sounds escape from her throat as I fill it with my meat. I pull her face from me, my cock slipping from her lips with a wet popping sound. Looking into her eyes, I see tears from the pain of pulling her hair. I slap her face. She tries to pull back but I yank on her hair and force her face back onto my cock. "Soon your face will be wet with more than just your worthless tears." I can feel the cum ready to pour from my cock as I ram it deep down her throat, her face pressed into the hair of my cock and stomach. The first couple of blasts go quickly down her throat, and then I push her back against the wall of the bus, drag my stiff shooting cock from her lips and jacking it, aim at her face. Blast after blast hit her chin, face, lips, eyes and hair. Soon she is dripping in my white sticky juices. Sitting on the floor, tears still streaming down her face and joining the cumshots that is also dripping; I reach for her blouse and toss it to her. "Wipe your face cunt. I'm hungry and need your pussy juice. Get your fucking ass up on the seat and spread your legs like a whore in heat." We quickly exchange places, her skirt up around her waist, her moist pussy at my lips, I press my tongue to the heavenly hole licking up the wet juices that are dripping from her. I then move up to her clit and suck on it. The slut is so turned on and hot that she comes in only seconds, filling my mouth with her juices. Licking my lips, taking the hem of her skirt, I wipe the wet mess from my face. I return to the seat and kiss her, letting her taste her own juices and I taste mine on her lips. Jackie unbuttons my shirt, and uses both hands to play with my nipples, pulling on them. I smile at this hot slut and put my hands on her tits and fill them with soft firm flesh. "You are such a cock sucker. How old were you the first time you tasted cum?" "A man's or a woman's?" "Slut. Both." "My girl friend and I were just 18 the first time we...we went down on each other. It was after watching an X rated video of her fathers. It had women kissing and licking each other and using all kinds of things on each other's pussy. We figured it looked like fun and started touching and kissing." "And the first blowjob?" I lean down and lick the stiff nipple of her left tit. "Ohhhh, I ...don't stop. I love having my big tits kissed and sucked. I...I was fingering my friend at her house six months later just after she had made me cum with her tongue when her brother caught us. He black mailed us both into sucking his cock. Ohhhh, damn that feels good. Suck harder. Suck my tit." "My cock is still hard. I need your cunt. Sit on my lap and lower your pussy onto it." Sitting back I grab her hips as she places her hands on my legs, lowering her pussy onto my cock. I love anal porn under with one hand and place the head of my cock at her slit. Slowly she presses down, and inch by inch my stiff pussy stuffer finds its way into the slut's tight pussy. Together we go to fucking. I reach up and grab a hand full of her long hair and pull her head back and over so I can kiss her neck as she bounces on my lap. "Damn Jackie, you are a hot fuck." The bus stops. A voice, the driver, comes to us in our fuck craze haze. "Accident up ahead we will park here where there is a dinner and you can all come out and get something to eat while we wait." I pull Jackie over so we can't be seen by the others as they leave the bus. Laying side by side, my cock still in her wet tight cunt, pushing her off my cock she falls onto the floor. "Now I'm going to get some of that hot big ass of yours." "What are you doing?" Standing up, I tighten my hands on her arms and pull her up. Pushing her onto her stomach over the seat I slap her ass hard. Over and over till it is red and tears are running down her face. Her cries can't be heard. The storm is loud and the people are all inside the cafe. The music, turned up to a mild blast to compete with the storm can be heard drifting from the well lit building. "Please...please. Don't. Not that. I've never been fucked in the ass. I don't want to mature porn." "Shut up cunt." I push my fingers in her pussy and using the slick juices finger her ass. It takes more time than I want to lube her and open her for my cock. I decide there isn't much time. The road may be fixed at any time and the police arrive to tell everyone they can leave. I slap her hard again and as the sting of the pain fills her, I put the head of my cock at the small opening and push. "Ahhhhhh, ohhhhh, nooo, ohhhhh, damn you. Fuck you." "Shut up whore." I push harder, driving my stiff rod up her ass. I push her down hard on the seat. "Ohhh, yes, sooooooo damn tight bitch." My bear gay cock half way in, I stop letting her get use to the pain and pleasure. As I feel her start to relax a little since I am no longer driving it in her, I take advantage and push hard, driving it all the way into her. "OHHHHHHHHHH!" I grab her hair again, pulling her head back, my cock now deep in her tight ass, and I bring my hand hard down on her ass cheek. SLAP!! Now I start to fuck her, moving my cock in and out of her. I grunt with each push, "AHHH...OHH, ...AHHHHHHHHH!" I can hear her crying, yet at the same time, I feel a hand moving under her, and I know she is touching her pussy. Playing with her clit. "Yesss, baby, finger yourself, cum for me. Ohhh, yea...damn it, fuck...fuck your pussy as I fuck your asian porn ass...ah...uh..." Now her cries are turning into moans. The only sounds now are our fucking and the storm. She shakes and shutters and cries out, "Ahhhh, I'm cummmming. Damn you." With that I shove my gay blowjob cock deep, my balls pressed into the soft ass and shoot my load. The night may be cold, but I am sweating. Blast after blast fill her hole and I can tell some is dripping out. Leaning against the seat with all her weight, Jackie says, "Ohhh, I've never been fucked like that. Damn you. It hurts." Slowly pulling out I fall back onto the seat. We both need to be cleaned up and dressed before the others come back. The rain is slowing and the thunder has stopped. I pick up her blouse and wipe my cock and hand it to her. The blouse is a total loss now. Zipping my pants, I reach to the far side of the back seat and grab our coats. Standing I help her put hers over her half naked body. Only her skirt remains. The rest of her clothes are a mess. I put on my coat and we move forward in the bus to the middle. Sitting in a seat I lay her head on my shoulder, my arm around her. When the people finally return, they find two people, who had been too tired to leave the bus, sleeping. One of the passengers wakes us. "Sorry. But we are leaving. You two must of been sleeping the whole time and didn't get off the bus. Too bad we had quite a party in the cafe." "Thanks. But this is all the party we wanted and lesbian porn." As the bus pulls out, I slide a hand under Jackie's coat and play with her pussy. End! Unstopabble Porn Rufus' house was a hive of activity. Masons, plumbers, roofers and other tradesmen swarmed over the main building, all engaged in restoring it to it's former glory. "The prince kept his word," said Rufus, "the old place is looking much better already." "Yes," said Aldo, who was standing beside him, "has he asked you to let me go back in gay male porn" "Yes Aldo, you can go back in. Do you want Kurt and Robbie to go with you?" "Mmm, please." "I shall get in touch with them. In the meantime have a look around at the old place and see how things are coming along." * * * * * * * * Aldo wandered around Rufus' large old country house. He was impressed by the transformation which was taking place, what was once a damp crumbling building was fast becoming an impressive mansion again. "Oh, hello," said a young man as Aldo walked into one of the rooms under restoration, "are you here to decide on the colour?" Aldo looked at him and felt his balls go all fuzzy, he was very good looking. "No," Aldo replied, "I'm a friend of doctor Katz, he said I could look around." "It's coming along well, isn't it?" said the young man as he stood up from the wall socket which he had been wiring up, put his hands on the small of his back and stretched himself, arching his back and thrusting his hips in a way that made Aldo's penis begin to stiffen. "Are you o.k.?" Aldo asked him. "Yes, I'm fine," he replied, "it's just being crouched down, my back gets a little tired." "You need a massage," Aldo told him. "Perhaps I do." "What's your name?" "Ludovic, what's yours webcam gay porn?" "Aldo." "Well," said Ludovic, "that's me finished in this room, only ten more to do." Ludovic picked up his tool bag and walked towards Aldo, who was standing in the doorway. They smiled at each other and Aldo moved aside to let Ludovic pass. Aldo inhaled deeply as Ludovic went by, hoping to catch his scent. "It was nice to meet you," Ludovic said quietly as he walked slowly past Aldo. Aldo was unable to reply, his mouth was so dry. He just nodded dumbly. * * * * * * * Aldo carried on wandering about the house, watching men and women plastering walls, painting woodwork, installing pipes, but he could not stop thinking about Ludovic. He found himself looking for him in each room he went into, hoping that he was in there wiring something up. "It's all finished up there," one of the decorators told him as he walked towards the main staircase, "they're just fitting the last few lamps." "Can I go up and look?" Aldo asked him. "Be my guest," the woman replied. Aldo went up the stairs slowly, willing Ludovic to be in one of the rooms but fearing that he would not be. "Oh, hello again," Ludovic said as Aldo went into one of the bedrooms. Aldo stopped and looked at him standing on a stepladder, hanging a chandelier on the ceiling. "Don't let me interrupt you," Aldo told him. Aldo looked him over as he stood on the ladder. He was about five-seven, with short light brown hair, almost but not quite blond. He was slim, not skinny, but he looked as if he had never worked out. Aldo noticed his hands as he positioned the chandelier, the fingers were fine-boned, almost feminine, but with short nails. "Do you like what you see?" Ludovic asked as he finished hanging the chandelier and stood still on the ladder, looking down at Aldo. "Er, yes," said Aldo, blushing, "I'm sorry, was I staring?" "Just a bit," Ludovic replied, smiling at him. "I'll go," said Aldo, turning away. "No, don't," said Ludovic as he descended the ladder. Aldo turned back to face Ludovic, who was walking towards him, smiling prefer bisexual gays. "It's a pity they haven't furnished this room yet," Ludovic said, "I bet they'll put a huge soft bed in here." Aldo felt his penis stiffen again. "Oy! Ludo!" Came a shout from outside of the room, "where have you go to?" "That's my boss," said Ludovic, "I had better go and see what he wants." Aldo's heart raced as Ludovic brushed his hand against his crotch as he walked past him. "Don't be a stranger," Ludovic said in a cheerful voice as he left the room. * * * * * * * * * * "Don't bother calling Kurt and Robbie," Aldo said to Rufus as he ran into the basement room, panting from having run all the way from the top floor, "I want someone else to go in with me." * * * * * * * * "I have something I need doing in a hurry," Rufus told Geoff the electrician, "is there any chance you could stay on for a while longer?" "Sorry professor Katz," replied Geoff, "I really do have to get going. I tell you what, how about if I leave young Ludo to do it? He knows nearly as much as I do now and I'm sure he would be able to stay on. Can you get him home afterwards?" "Would that be o.k. with you Ludovic?" Rufus asked the young apprentice. "I guess so," replied Ludovic. * * * * * * * * "Forgive me for keeping you here under false pretences," Rufus said to Ludovic as they stood in front of the big transparent box in the basement, "but a friend of mine wanted me to show you this." "Hello again," Aldo said as he entered the room, "I hoped you would stay." * * * * * * * * Only two of the four tables were occupied, one by Aldo and the other by Ludovic. "Just relax and let Sharon take you on the most exciting journey of your life," Rufus told him as he placed the helmet on Ludovic's head Barebacking. * * * * * * * * Aldo was very disappointed, Kurt and Robbie had promised to meet him in the club but had not shown up. "Another scotch and soda?" The barman asked him as he leaned on the bar looking disconsolate. "I might as well," replied Aldo, pushing the glass towards him twinks. "You look sad," said a voice from his right. Aldo turned to see who had spoken. He felt butterflies flutter in his stomach when he saw, standing next to him, the most beautiful young man he had ever seen. "I, I was supposed to be meeting someone," Aldo told the young man, "but they have not turned up." "Their loss," the young man replied. "Aldo," said Aldo, putting his hand out! I love gays. "Ludovic," the young man replied, taking Aldo's hand and shaking it, "but you can call me Ludo." "I have not seen you here before," said Aldo. "It's my first time in Buenos Aires, I'm here on a merchantman, we're picking up supplies to take back to England." "Oh." Aldo became fearful, German submarines were sinking British ships at an alarming rate and he would not want this lovely young man to become one of their victims. "Buy me a drink?" Ludo asked. "I'd love to," Aldo replied. "How did you hear of this place?" Aldo asked after they had sat at a small table in the corner of the club. "The ship's cook told me about it," replied Ludo, "he's an old queen. Not that he and I have done anything." Aldo felt relieved that the cook and Ludo had not done anything together. Aldo's possessive nature was being brought out by the young god he was sitting with. "How old are you?" Aldo asked dick and cock. "Eighteen. You?" "Twenty-nine. That's old, isn't it?" "You don't look it. Anyway, I like older men." "Have you had many? Men, that is." "No, not many at all." Aldo was pleased that Ludo had not been sullied by having relations with lots of men. "Would you like to come home with me?" "Yes i love rough gay porn." * * * * * * * As soon as they were through the door they were kissing. They had their tongues in each other's mouths and their hands running over their bodies. "Take me to bed," Ludo said in a husky voice as he pulled his mouth from Aldo's. Aldo took him by the hand and led him to his bedroom. Ludo did not have time to look around, he just began to undress whilst watching Aldo do the same. "Oh my God," whispered Aldo as he looked at Ludo's body, "you are divine." Ludo did not reply, he merely went over to the bed and flopped onto it, on his back. "Oh, you are big," said Aldo as he lay next to Ludo and wrapped his fingers around Ludo's cock. Aldo was not wrong, Ludo had a very large black gay cock for someone so slightly built. As Aldo stroked it gently up and down, it grew in length and girth until it was twelve inches long and about two and a half inches in diameter. "Mmmmm," moaned Ludo as he felt Aldo's hand work it's magic on him. Aldo leaned over and opened his mouth. He lowered his head down and took Ludo's cock in. He tugged back Ludo's foreskin and sticky pre cum flowed over his tongue as he licked at Ludo's glans. "Oh," moaned Ludo, "oh Aldo." Aldo began to bob his head up and down as he rubbed and sucked Ludo's gay gay big cock. Ludo put his hand on Aldo's shoulder and rubbed it in time with the wanking he was receiving. Gradually his hand moved faster and his hips began to buck as he neared his climax. "Oh, oh, oh, UH!" He exclaimed as he felt the exquisite sensation of his spunk squirting out of his asian gay cock. "Mmm," mumbled Aldo as he took it all in his mouth and swallowed it down. Ludo had not come for quite some time and his pent up load was significant. He shot a huge load into Aldo's mouth and the Argentinian had to swallow repeatedly and quickly to keep up with him. "All done," Ludo said softly as he dribbled the last vestiges of his seed into Aldo's mouth. "My God Ludo!" said an amazed Aldo, "where did all that come from male porn?" "I was saving it all for you," chuckled Ludo, "even though neither of us knew it." "Well, have some of it back," Aldo chuckled in reply as he moved up to lay on top of Ludo and give him a big slobbery, spunky kiss. "Do you want to fuck me?" Ludo asked after Aldo had finished kissing him. "More than you could ever imagine," Aldo replied. "Do you have lube?" "Of course." "I am a little tight. try male hole" Aldo nearly came prematurely when he heard Ludo say that. "I will be gentle," Aldo told him as he rolled off the bed, opened the drawer in his bedside cabinet and took out a tube of KY. Ludo got on his hands and knees and arched his back. Aldo squeezed some of the lube onto his fingers and carefully applied it to Ludo's puckered ring. "Ooh, that's cold," giggled Ludo as he felt the gel make contact with his sensitive ass hole. Aldo carefully pushed the tip of his forefinger inside Ludo's ass. He wiggled it around, coating Ludo's rectum. "Put another finger in," Ludo told daddy gay porn him. Aldo withdrew his forefinger and, together with his middle finger, slid it back in again. Ludo moaned with pleasure as he felt himself being finger-fucked. "I'm ready for you know," he said. Aldo took his fingers away, squeezed a liberal amount of gel onto his cock, smearing it all over his glans and shaft and knelt behind Ludo. "Oh!" He exclaimed as he pushed the tip of his stiff cock inside Ludo's teen gay ass. "Oh Aldo," moaned Ludo, "fuck me." Aldo thrust slowly and carefully. Ludo steadied himself and took Aldo's entire length inside him. Once he was fully in, Aldo pulled out, then he went in again. "Oh you are tight," said Aldo as he felt his hunks gay cock being squeezed by Ludo's ass each time he pushed forward, "so lovely and tight." "You can go faster if you want," Ludo told him, "it doesn't hurt." Grateful for Ludo's permission, Aldo began to thrust with his hips more rapidly, shoving his meat in and out of his young lover at an ever increasing rate. "Oh fuck, fuck fuck," moaned Ludo as he took Aldo in him, loving the feeling of hot hard cock vacating and filling his back passage. "Uh,uh,uh," grunted Aldo as he pumped his cock in and out, loving the feeling of hot young ass squeezing his cock. "Oh Aldo!" Cried Ludo as he felt Aldo's cock throb. "UUUUUUUHHHHH!" Cried Aldo as he began to pump a load of hot sticky cum into Ludo. Aldo stopped moving and reveled in the feeling of coming. Ludo pushed back against him, loving the feeling of having a thick throbbing cock stuck up him. "That was wonderful," said Aldo as he withdrew his softening cock from Ludo. "It was," agreed Ludo as he felt his ass close, his insides warmed by Aldo's hot sticky cum. Aldo lay next to Ludo and put his arm around his shoulder. "Smoke?" He asked. "Please," Ludo replied. They lay side by side and smoked a cigarette each. They did not speak, they just relaxed, comfortable in each other's company. "You need some meat," Aldo said after a while. "Isn't that what you have just given me?" Laughed Ludo. "Ha,ha," chuckled Aldo, "what I mean is, you need to be fed. I want you to be good and strong for later on." "Why, what is happening?" "You are going to stick that huge cock of yours inside me of course." "Oh, goody." Aldo sat up and stubbed his cigarette out in the ashtray on the cabinet. He got up, went to his wardrobe and took out a silk dressing gown. "Is there one for me?" Asked Ludo. "No," replied Aldo, "you do not need to cover your beautiful body." * * * * * Aldo stood over the pan, frying steak, while Ludo sat at the little table in the small kitchen sipping a cup of coffee. Ludo had his legs apart, his long flaccid cock drooped onto the seat of the chair between his slim thighs and Aldo took every opportunity to turn and look at him. "Your skin is very smooth," Aldo said as he looked Ludo over for the umpteenth time, "other than your pubes, you don't have any body hair." "I know," replied the younger man, "do you like it, or would you like me to be hairy like you." "I'm not all that hairy," pouted Aldo, "don't call me hairy." "I'm sorry," said Ludo as he stood up, went to Aldo, stood behind him and wrapped his arms around him, "I'm sorry to be so cruel." Aldo sighed as he felt Ludo's cock pressed against the back of his right thigh through the material of his robe. "Sit down," Aldo croaked through dry lips, "supper is nearly ready." * * * * * * * * After supper, Aldo and Ludo sat on the sofa and drank vodka together. Aldo told Ludo about himself and Ludo did the same. "Do you have to go?" Aldo asked, "why not jump ship and stay here with me. I have plenty of money, I will look after you." "I can't," replied Ludo, "if everyone did that, the war would be lost and Britain would be under German occupation." "But it is so dangerous," said Aldo, "and I may never see you again." "I will come back and see you," Ludo told him, "I promise. Now, I'm feeling horny, get on the floor." Aldo slid off the sofa and got onto his hands and knees on the rug in front of it. He heard the soft slap of Ludo's feet on the boards as he left the room. "Mmmm," he said a minute or so later when he felt Ludo's well lubricated fingers probe his ass hole. Ludo worked his fingers in and out of Aldo, stretching him, getting him ready for what he was about to receive. "Take it slowly," Aldo told him as he put his glans to Aldo's ring, "there is such a lot of you." "I shall," ludo replied as he pushed the engorged purple head of his cock into Aldo. "Uuuuuh," moaned Aldo as he felt Ludo's cock slide inside him. "Is that nice?" Asked Ludo. "Yes." "Do you want more?" "Yes." "O.k. then, here comes some more." Aldo's eyes opened wide as he felt Ludo's cock go deeper into his body than anything ever had before. It felt a little painful, but at the same time it felt very nice. "Mmm, I like this," said Ludo as he began to thrust back and forth, working a little more of his cock into Aldo with each push. "Oh God, I don't know if I can take any more," moaned Aldo as sweat began to form on his brow. "Nearly all in," said Ludo, placatingly. Aldo held his breath, only releasing it when he felt Ludo's balls squashed against his ass. He had taken twelve inches of thick stiff cock all the way in, something he had never thought possible. "Nghh, nghh, nghh," grunted Ludo as he started to fuck Aldo with very short yet fast thrusts. "Oh God, oh God," moaned Aldo as he felt his insides being pummeled by Ludo's huge cock. "Cummmmmiiinngggg!" Cried Ludo, and then he stopped moving. It felt as if Ludo's cock was expanding to an even larger size and then Aldo felt the rush of scalding hot cum as it shot out of Ludo and flooded his colon. Aldo closed his eyes and smiled as he felt his young lover climaxing inside him. Ludo stayed locked in Aldo for several seconds as he emptied his balls of what they had managed to produce since his last ejaculation. Once he had done, Ludo pulled out of Aldo and sat on the floor behind him. Aldo felt his ass closing slowly, his gaping ring returning to it's former state, or at least some semblance of it, then he fell forward onto the rug with an empty feeling in his guts. "Are you o.k.?" Ludo asked. "I'm not sure," replied Aldo, "I think I have died and gone to heaven." "Oh shut up!" Ludo chuckled as he slapped Aldo playfully on his ass cheek. * * * * * * * * "What's wrong?" Aldo asked as he awoke to see Ludovic still asleep on the table next to him, "why isn't he awake yet?" "She has done this before," said Rufus, "sometimes she likes to keep them." "What do you mean, keep them?" Asked Aldo in a worried tone, "can't you just unplug the bloody machine and wake him up?" "No," said Morag, Rufus' assistant, "she could kill him if we did that." "Hmm," said Rufus, "I wonder what she wants with him." "Why do you keep calling it 'she'?" Asked Aldo, "it's a machine." "She's much more than that," said Rufus, "no mere machine could give you the sort of experience that she does." Aldo became very worried.